Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Is How We Do It Parody - (This Is How We're Jewish)

A few days after Hanukkah but that doesn't take any of the comedic value away from this Montell Jordan parody.

Terrabull: The Ryan Perrilloux Story

So I am on YouTube searching for LSU clips and I find the following:

"Whistle Blows Wee o Wee" LSU Football Music Video

Of course, the "Wee o Wee" is a reference to Lil' Wayne's "Mrs. Officer," but the content of the song left me speechless (which is an accomplishment as many of you may know) and unsure what to think. Actually all I could think was "TERRABULL."

Just watch :/

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm So Proud of Drew Brees, no Romo

The Saints season came to an end yesterday in the final seconds of their game against Carolina. The story of the Saints season this year can best be summed up as scratching on the 8-ball, something I am all too familiar with (if you've ever played pool with me you know..although Friday night at Grits I believe Kris and I won both of our games due to the scratching on the 8-ball syndrome, but I digress). All too often this year we'd see our beloved Saints fall behind early rally back, take the lead and then lose in the closing seconds of the game...four times...so close, yet so far...Still proud of you guys...had a few plays gone differently the season may not be over, but still proud of you guys none the less...

...But lets not dwell on what could have been and focus on an amazing accomplishment by Drew Brees. He finished the season with 5,069 passing yards, just 16 short of breaking Dan Marino's 24-year old record. That's one yard for every Lion's loss this season. Yeah, I went there, which reminds me of a joke I heard...

Knock, Knock.

Who's there?


Owen who?

Owen Sixteen!

Seriously, though, Drew and the entire New Orleans Saints team, we're all proud of you guys and hope that we can see Deuce suit up in black and gold for a little longer...

And then we have Tony Romo...So in the '06 playoffs you botch a snap on the kick and then try to save it and still scratch on the 8-ball, then in '07 you throw an interception in the playoffs ending the season. In all fairness, the Eagles game yesterday wasn't all you're fault, it was just a big clusterf*%k, but you still didn't help matters with the turnovers. And the image of Tony Romo with his face planted in the ground during the third quarter of the game was just too much. Talk about wiping your face. The press conference after the game didn't do much to help either when he said they hope to go to the playoffs next year and win the Superbowl but if not its ok. Spirit of a champion, Tony? Where's the passion for winning, man? That passion for the game? It seems like Romo's too busy being a celebrity to worry about his team and the game.

Although, Tony Romo did apparently fall over in the shower after the game due to a rib injury, I suspect that maybe Jessica Simpson was involved, or possibly T.O., or maybe both but we won't even go there. One of my friends may find that situation to exciting to even think about, but we won't point them out in a public forum.

So in light of all of this I wanted to bring back an old poster I created after Tony's first major scratch on the 8-ball....so for your viewing pleasure:

...and for your auditory pleasure, a humorous song I found by a band called The Athletic Sports Band...

To download "Jessica Simpson is Distracting Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys" click here.

***Disclaimer: Even though I have a black and gold soul and the Saints are my team, I do like the Dallas Cowboys. Don't take my comments about Tony Romo the wrong way...I have nothing against the Cowboys franchise...in fact they are my second favorite NFL team. I do, however, have a hard time getting behind a team comprised of players such as Romo, T.O. and Pac-Man...sorry, Adam Jones.


I haven't updated this blog at all really but I promise that is one of my New Year's Resolutions so do start checking back often. But, now on to the important part of this entry. As many of you know I am obsessed with personalized plates and New Orleans is definitely not in short supply of them. Some of the ones I see around town are just silly (see above). I was pleasantly surprised when going to one of my favorite automotive websites to see that they actually made a Top 50 List.

So for your viewing pleasure...50 Vanity Plates That Slipped by the DMV:


If that isn't enough you can even make your own to see how your favorite phrase would look on your state's plate using the ACME License Maker.