Sunday, February 1, 2009

Here's a Terrible Towel, Wipe Your Face

The Pittsburg Steelers come into this Super Bowl, as they do every game, prepared to do some face wiping.

Their rally flag, the Terrible Towel, is not only useful as a tool to wipe your face, but is also symbolic of their old-school ways. The Steelers, the team of the 1970's, play a smash mouth style of football and the rough fibers of their Terrible Towel are almost symbolic of that. I have not felt a Terrible Towel but Pittsburg is a blue-collar, working class town. I really doubt the Terrible Towel is made of Egyptian cotton. Big Ben would lift his nose at such a towel. I have done some thinking about the Terrible Towel and wondered what it would be like if the Steelers had dominated this decade.

Yes, that's right. If the Steelers had dominated this decade they'd be waving the Terrible Sham-Wow in the air. In this day of big money advertisers, and the over-commercialization of the sport I can't help but think that some budding marketing person would attempt this type of product placement. Thankfully, the Steelers are still about the love of the game, and a style of play from another era.

If the Dallas Cowboys, on the otherhand, had a Terrible Towel, I have no doubt that Jerry Jones would license the product out and create the Terrible Sham-Wow. This is the man who has two reality shows based around his team (an HBO show on training camp, and another about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders). I'd even go as far as to say I wouldn't put a Terrible Snuggie past Jerry Jones.

...but I digress.

With that said, how do I think this Super Bowl is going to turn out? The key to the Steelers being able to proudly wave their terrible towels is to overcome the non-chilly weather in Tampa and to be able to keep pace with the Cardinals offense. Otherwise the Steelers will find themselves using their Terrible Towels to wipe their collective faces.

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