Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Michigan: We Have the Upper Hand

Has anyone reading this ever met anyone from Michigan? Raise your hands? Ok, to the guy in the back with the mitten...not funny. We get it already. I have never understood why people from Michigan feel the need to show you where their hometown is by using one of their own hands to represent their state. The first person I ever met from Michigan showed me where she was from by pointing her index finger at the palm of her hand to indicate she was from Lancing. I was slightly weirded out and decided to give her the boot from the jump (I'm from Louisiana...get it?). I see the connection, but it just seems so unnecessary and hokey. Not to mention that it looks RIDICULOUS. What is that about? Who does that? If I were from South Florida I wouldn't whip out my wang and show you my mushroom tip when I was asked where I was from. Actually, I probably would, not gonna lie...

...but I digress...

In light of all of the news stories about the downfall of Detroit's automotive industry, the state has taken a cue from their fine residents and launched a media campaign encourage economic development within the state's boundaries. Taking matters into their own hands, if you will. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has launched a series of nationally televised commercials touting the state's economic potential and advantages. And, yes, it is called Michigan: We Have the Upper Hand.

"Wherever in the world you compete, Michigan can give you the Upper Hand."

I would like to applaud (yes, pun intended) the state's EDC for their cleverness and for using their state's resources to deal with the hand they were dealt and not handling things like two of the state's biggest employers, Cry-sler and GM...

The leaders of these two once-great companies seem to be relying on government handouts to apply band-aids to their wounds instead of putting their fingers on the real problems facing them. One of these problems is the UAW. For some reason the United Auto Workers are stubborn and won't make the necessary concessions to cut back labor costs for these companies. I guess they'd rather all be out of work than take a slight cut in pay/benefits and keep their jobs. Someone needs to lend these people a helping hand and attempt to make them see the bigger picture. Otherwise, those hands they used to show us that they were from Dearborn will soon be good for only one thing.........wiping their faces.

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