Friday, May 29, 2009

N.O.-shot 'Labou,' co-starring C. Ray Nagin, out on DVD

Life is kind of like reading the New Orleans never know what you're gonna get. When I opened up this morning's Lagniappe section I was not ready for this. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has done it again...Just when I thought he couldn't top himself.

Excerpt from the T-P (that's the Times-Picayune, not, well, you know...):

In the film, three children get lost in a swamp near New Orleans while hunting for the ghost of a 19th century pirate. During their adventure, they meet the titular swamp creature (whose whistling race -- part Yoda, part Gremlin -- is said to have inspired the birth of jazz music), stumble upon a crooked development deal that can be traced back to City Hall and discover the pirate's treasure.

What a day!

Nagin plays Mayor Adams, New Orleans' corrupt leader, who agrees to seize privately owned land in order to sell it to oil company executives looking for a spot to build a huge refinery, regardless of the effect on the environment. When confronted with revelations about the deal, Mayor Adams responds, "There were offers, but nothing firm was put on the table."

Wait, so Ray Nagin portrays a "fictional" corrupt mayor in this straight to DVD release? and theres pirates? Oh, lawd...This family film was released on May 19 and I will be picking it up ASAP.

Bonus points for the film being "dedicated to the people of New Orleans and their courage to rebuild."

P.S. Do you think at any point in the film our mayor is referred to as 'Curly Head'...if so that would be about Baller Blockin'.

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