Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm In Love With A Cougar

I'm watching TV a few nights ago and my jaw literally dropped when I saw this commercial. It really might be my favorite commercial of all time. Watch for yourself...

Ah, I really do love Cougars and have fallen victim to a few cougar attacks in my day...for every one's sake we'll refrain from the details of the incidents...especially the one that told me she was 29...bahahaha...she was pretty "weathered" for 29...oh, the infamous "pool table at F & M's incident"...those photos are PRICELESS!

This "Cougar" commercial actually reminded me of a post I wrote on a blog I had in college. So, for your entertainment...

Looking For A Car? (circa 2006)

I love cars. I absolutely love cars. If I don’t drive a car for more than a few days I get jittery. Everyone knows this. I have driven lots of different makes and models in my day. I am a big fan of the American and European models, but will never be seen driving an Asian car. Asian cars are just too small and all look the same even though they do give you a lot of bang for you buck. I guess that “20 thousand dolla, make you holla line” applies here. As a person who loves cars and is currently in the market for a new one I wanted to offer my friends some advice when on the car lot and kicking the tires.

When in the market for a car, I recommend always going for the demo model. You are essentially getting a brand new car complete with new car smell and a warranty to protect you in case it starts having problems. You also get the advantage of the engine already being broken in for peak performance and it’s also a little easier to get into the demo model than the brand new model, which will save you if decide to get rid of it. Additionally, the demo model will be a lot cleaner, in better shape and have less stains in the carpet than the used model.

And then there is the certified pre-owned vehicle, otherwise known as a CPO. These models have actually been purchased and used a bit, but must meet certain criteria. Despite their mileage they must meet the highest standards in regards to their condition, shape, cleanliness and reliability based on 100-point inspections. This insures that any issues that may arise from experience with previous drivers are mitigated and in case an issue does arise these vehicles are come with factory warranties to protect you.

I advise the demo model over the CPO, even given some apparent advantages of the CPO. The demo model may have been driven by a few people but was obviously very well taken care of which leads to more customer satisfaction upon purchase. The CPO, however, is still a pre-owned car, and not a demonstration model. The inherent problem in purchasing a pre-owned model is that even if it does meet the 100-point inspection there is still no way to precisely tell without a doubt how the car was treated in the past or if the car may just have some of its own problems that develop over time. These inherent traits of a used vehicle can cause it to have issues that could hound the driver and make you wish you had just put the extra effort for the demo model.

If you do decide to purchase a used car, that isn’t a CPO, be wary. One good thing to always look for is the condition of the tires. Kick them a bit and look at the treads. Are they worn down? Does it look like they have been changing the rubber frequently? Operating an automobile that currently has bad treads can cause one to hit a wet spot, spin off the highway and have an accident that could change your life forever, which is why you should purchase an extended warranty that will always bail you out, or at least get AAA so you’re not left stranded on the side of the road. Check maintenance logs if you can because a car that doesn’t have fresh rubber has not been well maintained. If the maintenance records show that the car was frequently driven on worn out rubber be wary as it could have had a few accidents in its day. The effects of these accidents may not be apparent immediately, but they were probably messy and issues could arise further down the road.

And always remember, there is nothing wrong with giving any car a one time test drive, just be careful when changing gears at high speeds, if you drop the clutch and miss a shift you could stall out, which is always embarrassing.

You may be wondering what I currently drive. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, purchased as a low mileage demo model, of course. With all the models out there how did I choose the Wrangler? Well, its little, fun and likes to be driven roughly. It’s definitely a car that likes to get dirty. They are known for being very top heavy and having a tendency to roll-over, but they are also most fun with the top off. Jeeps are an American classic because what guy doesn’t want to drive a car that likes it rough and is so much fun with its top off.

***Note: I was speaking of my second Wrangler. I traded in the '03 for an '04 demo...I wanted a newer model with bigger tires...Unfortunately, I am no longer a Jeep driver...I rolled the last one over one too many times, apparently...TERRIBLE...

Until next time let not your face be wiped...I'm heading out for a night of Cougar hunting...

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  1. Its great to know that you had a jeep wrangler and you looking for another one. I would suggest you take a help from car dealers. Try to collect as much knowledge as you can and then finalize your decision.