Monday, January 12, 2009

Pop Culture License Plates

I used that ACME License Maker today and its actually amazing the pop culture references you can make with some of these plates. I am sure someone's already made a few of these before, but until I am told otherwise I'll think I am slightly clever...

I am sure there is someone in California rolling around with this plate on the back of their car. Most likely on a VW Microbus.

Do you think the Colorado DMV would issue this one? I do, hopefully not to a car titled to a man named Kenny, though. That would just be wrong.

I couldn't resist the easy joke here...

If 50 Cent cared about something beyond his fat stacks he would get this plate.

Do you think your oxen would die if the expression went "I was trying to Toyota the river..."

I woke up this morning with...

If you don't get what song the above plate refers to please click here and be enlightened. (Sidenote: I had my first fake ID confiscated at a Pat Green concert in Helotes while Pat was performing this song...sad to have to overhear one of my favorite PG songs while talking to TABC...I guess I deserved it trying to pass a New Jersey ID in the Texas Hill Country...especially when it was someone else's homemade ID...someone else wth black hair and blue eyes...)


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