Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Second Week of '09

So Michael Irvin, Paris Hilton, CP3, Waldo Faldo, that guy who sang Summer of '69, a naughty teacher, a cougar in training and Pac-Man Jones walk into a bar...well, not really but that would be a heckuva a joke, wouldn't it?

But, seriously, there has been some crazy stuff going on in the news lately and The Blog Is Hot is there to offer some commentary...

Former Cowboy Michael Irvin says motorist threatened him with a gun

So, Michael Irvin was at a stoplight in Dallas when this happened:

“The passenger pulled out a semiautomatic and I knew what time it was,” Irvin said. “But he said ‘Oh, that’s Michael Irvin, with the Dallas Cowboys.’”

Despite being scared, Irvin said he tried to keep the conversation going.

“So we started talking about the Cowboys and everything,” he said. “Then they got back on the highway.”

Do you think at any point during their exchange Irvin uttered the words "How 'bout them Cowboys?"

He further went on to say this in the interview:

“I tell you what, I’m glad he was a Cowboy fan,” Irvin said.

Are you sure he was a Cowboys fan or was it fellow Dallas Cowboy alum (haha) Pac-Man, err Adam Jones?

Apparently, it wasn't Pac-Man, err Adam Jones since he appeared to be hangin' with his peeps at the time of the alleged incident (the Titans jersey was so he could be "incognito").

But, seriously what do you think the odds are that Michael Irvin was cracked out during this alleged incident? One piece of advice, Mr. Irvin, drugs are bad mmm'kay?

And now on to our favorite celebrity whose famous for well we still aren't sure exactly why she's famous but...You seriously can't make stuff like this up:

Paris Hilton website violated by Trojan-spreaders

Now, that sounds like a Lifestyle decision to me. But, seriously, do you think Matt Leinart got back with her over the weekend? I mean its not like he's practicing for the playoffs or anything. Although, that would mean she was violated by a washed-up Trojan. Sorry, that was just uncalled for...Oh, how I love triple entendres...

Wait, was that a picture of Paris climbing out of a giant bottle of Pepto? See, now that is an ACTUAL news story that would be worth reporting.

Now on to a new story about our beloved CP3 of the local New Orleans Hornets:

University of Missouri basketball player claims to be Chris Paul's cousin

Chris Paul denies any relation with the Mizzou baller. I personally don't see the resemblance and think it sounds like hes trying to increase his draft stock. With that said I am, however, still not convinced that CP3 isn't related to this guy...

Yes, that is Waldo Faldo of Family Matters fame and I do believe he is CP3's cousin. Real, cousin, not the street slang kind of cousin, cousin.

And in a shocking turn of events in the music industry:

Ryan Adams Is Quitting Music, Says Ryan Adams

According to a post on his blog (how self-important are you, Mr. Adams, oh, wait...):

"I am a punch-line and a footnote in what is worse to yell at someone besides 'Free-bird'. I mean, I lost."

In other news Ryan Adams was still performing music...chili-dog...

Can you match the "teacher has inappropriate relations with student" story to the right picture? It's pretty damn easy...

Primary school teacher facing jail for sending lewd texts to schoolboy after grooming him on World of Warcraft

Athletic Trainer Did More Than Tape Ankles, Apparently

The moral of the story is if you play Warcraft you will never have a chance with the Athletic Trainer...well, not that one at least...

This just in...Pac-Man, err Adam Jones appears to be emulating Lil' Wayne. He already has the dreads, knows how to "Make it Rain," has had gun charges levied against him and goes by multiple aliases and now this:

I never thought I would get to say this, but: "Pac-Man, you need to wipe your face!"

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