Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baseball Players Have Funny Names Pt. 2

Baseball season is upon us and with any luck this season won't disappoint, unless of course if you're a Braves or Cubs fan in which case I shouldn't have to tell you what to expect. As some of you may remember, a few weeks back I highlighted a few players with amusing/unfortunate names that I though you might find entertaining. After finding out that the San Francisco Giants chose these ads for their 2009 campaign I decided I had to revive the post...

Let's Play With Balls of Fire? Damn, they must have hooked up with her, too. Explains why baseball players scratch themselves so much though.

But, now to the reason you're here...other than being bored...more Major League players with minorly amusing names...

How did this guy not land his own cereal?

Catfish Hunter? You're doing it wrong, buddy!

He was good at placing his fingers on the seams. That's what she said!

Not much to say about this one.

Rollie Fingers has quite a molestache.

Redundant much?

Until next time, let not your face be wiped unless you have balls of fire in which case you're probably already sweatin' a little.

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