Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dallas & Driving Don't Mix

While doing my normal morning routine of reading useless crap on the internet a few days ago I noticed a disturbing trend on one of my favorite car sites, Jalopnik. I don't know what was in the air in Dallas last week but they had some amusing incidents involving cars. I guess it should come as no surprise that the home of the $30,000 millionaire would have stuff like this happen, but damn.

First I saw this gem and could do nothing else but attempt to picture the driver of the vehicle. The mental image was highly entertaining.

Apparently, the driver didn't realize the construction crew just finished pouring cement on the road," Bristol said, adding that the car drove into a work area clearly marked by signs and cones. The driver had to be helped out of the car because the vehicle was completely surrounded by wet pavement.
Just enough credit to drive a late model Benz, not enough intelligence to realize you can't drive it through wet cement. Very $30,000 Millionaire of you.

I should have been amused enough by the above story to close out Internet Explorer and go on with my day. Unfortunately it was still way too early in the AM to be productive so I continued reading. It was worth it...There isn't too much you can say about an article with this headline.

Drunk Driver Parks Ferrari on Tracks, Calls 911, Watches it Explode

Click below to hear the 911 call. Be prepared to be disturbed/infuriated.

Until next time, let not your face be wiped...unless, of course, you park your Mercedes in wet cement or your Ferrari on railroad tracks, in which case you are probably already wiping your face.

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