Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Orleans: Where We Breed Real Rappers

While reading Thursday night I noticed an article entitled Lil Wayne saved by alert off duty cop. I immediately clicked on it and was relieved to learn that it was not breaking news but that it was a human (although Wayne doe claim to be a martian) interest story of sorts about how The Best Rapper Alive's life was saved when he accidentally shot himself wen he was 12. While I knew about Lil' Wayne's gun accident when he was even littler, I didn't know of the heroics that this NOPD officer displayed in saving the young Wayne.

Lil' Wayne's been shot twice but he don't walk with a limp.

When this article really became ridiculous to me was when I read the print version the next morning. THE ARTICLE WAS THE FEATURE STORY--FRONT PAGE OF THE TIMES-PICAYUNE! Now, I love Lil' Wayne as much as the next peep, but damn...must have been a slow news day...didn't this event occur in 1994?...I mean I felt like it was Grammy week again (the week of the Awards show, not hell week at a certain sorority house at Tulane) when Weezy F. Baby was on the front page for three consecutive days. Bonus points to the Times-Picayune for using the term "wheezing" to describe Wayne's agony after accidentally shooting himself. If only Lil' Wayne had been saved by a lady cop. Oh-wee-oh-wee-oh-wee...

And then yesterday the local news covered a story than can only be described by saying "Only in New Orleans."

C-Murder joins with ministers to announce anti-violence initiatives

Matching your teeth with your glasses. Very GQ.

Yup, that's right...No Limit rapper and Master P's brother (literally, not figuratively), C-Murder, who is accused of murder is on a crusade against violence in New Orleans.

The highlight of the article on C-Murder hosting an anti-crime press conference has to be this:

Rapper Corey Miller, also known as C-Murder, holds a press conference in Kenner on Tuesday. Because he is under house arrest, he spoke from just inside the doorway.

Until next time let not your face be wiped unless, of course, its a Tuesday or a Thursday in which case you better watch for the sweep.

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