Thursday, March 12, 2009

504 Whips: Candy Cars Edition

Even if you think that "...inside peanut butter, outside jelly" is a sandwich reference you've surely seen the Chevy with the butterfly doors or a Cadillac on 22's. These two forms of car customization have become so ubiquitous that every ones seen them at least once, even those people who think "...inside fish sticks, outside tarter sauce..." is something from Long John Silvers. While these trends have been seen across the United States, they are most common in the southeast where they are known as "donks" or "whips."

In New Orleans, however, we are known for taking things to a whole other level. Having Lambo doors and rims so big it makes the car look like its two stories isn't enough in the 504. In the past few years *cough* Katrina *cough* a new trend has emerged in the Crescent City...sticker cars. These cars are modified just like any other tight "whip," but go a step further by being wrapped in custom decals that usually promote a certain product. They kind of look like someone took a NASCAR and said "...throw some D's on that bitch." Commonly seen decal motifs on these rides include candy (ironic), soft drinks cold dranks, cereal, chocolate bars (the snack, not da club) and even alcohol. These "sticker cars" are the latest step in the evolution of pimpin' one's ride.

Next time you're in New Orleans its very possible that you might pull up next to a "sticker car" that can be described as candy on candy. The driver will most likely be grippin' the grain with that seat down low. They probably think they're the only fire that can live in the rain as they roll past you in their ride that's so so New 1825 Tulane...

Courtesy of my peeps at 504 Whips, I bring you some rides that can literally be described as New Orleans' sweetest candy cars...

I see this one traveling the streets of N.O. fairly often. Definately not a lemon.

Skittles: Taste the rainbow, no homo.

Note the front bumper. Was Calvin in Revenge of the Nerds? Because he's goin' R. Kelly on something.

Got candy? Quit fruntin'...I got nothin' else...sorry...moving on...

I wonder if this car's owner is named Mike or Ike. That would be sweet, dude, sweet.

One of the few I haven't seen yet. It reminds me of the corny grandpa/grandchild combo in their old TV commercials though.

Only an airhead would park in a no parking zone, you say? That's just how he rolls...err parks.

Until next time, New Orleans, everybody get your roll on...I've always wanted to say that...