Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Louisiana Music News

The past week has been a busy one for Louisiana musicians. A new single from New Orleans' premier rockers...the "best rapper alive" playing Scrabble against a well known journalist...3rd Ward's Master P hawking candy bars in a new ad campaign...North Shore's Brit Brit not going batshit crazy...yet.

  • New Orleans rockers Better Than Ezra debuted their new single, "Absolutely Still," from the upcoming album Paper Empire on B97 last week. The single will be available for download on iTunes starting on St. Patrick's Day while the album is scheduled for a May release. Get ready! To preview the song click here and scroll down a bit.

  • Hollygrove's own Lil' Wayne appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week alongside Charlie Gibson. Whats funnier than this odd couple making banter with each other is the skit the two did together. Gibson plays a game of Scrabble against Weezy which is just funny watching an acclaimed journalist play a vocabulary based game against New Orleans' favorite cough syrup addict. Wayne's vocabulary apparently proves triumphant though when he drops the word "CRUNKSWAGGA." Also, watch for the funniest question ever thrown at Charlie Gibson...lets just say I think the journalist learned all kinds of new jargon that evening. Oh, the irony...

  • Snickers has a new advertising campaign featuring a certain rapper who reps that Caliope Project 3rd Ward New Orleans. Yup, after all those years Master P is back and in a Snickers commercial. At least he still knows how to make 'em say UHH. I still can't believe some advertising genius thought that Get Some Bling with Master P-Nut was a good idea.

  • Britney Spears chose to kick off her world tour at the New Orleans Arena. She wanted to kick it off in her hometown of New Orleans...oh, wait...why did she start it in NOLA again? Isn't she from Kentwood, LA? Oh, the words of Chris Rose from the Times-Picayune she did put the "ho" in Tangipahoa...just kidding...or as her fans say "j/k"...At least she's hot again!

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