Monday, March 30, 2009

504 Whips: Rolling for Cereal Edition

A few weeks back I wrote about the "sticker car" trend that has been growing in popularity in New Orleans and posted some pictures of these 504 Whips with candy motifs. While I don't personally have such a passion for any particular kind of candy enough to have my car painted to reflect it, I do understand that some people think that candy is one hell of a snack and want to share this with least its more entertaining than a drab car with a white powder coat paint job right? I get it...some people really love the candy.

I, however, am completely perplexed by another one of the popular themes popping up on these custom "sticker cars." I remember the first time I saw the Frosted Flakes car on Canal Street. All I could think to myself was how much I wanted to go up to the driver and say "Damn, man, you must really like Frosted Flakes." Then I realized that I was stealing a Dane Cook line and refrained from saying anything...although I'm sure Dane Cook borrowed the line from someone else. Anyway...I can't explain exactly how any cereal can be special enough to make your car into a cereal box on rims but it provides me with some amusing eye candy when I'm cruising the streets of New Orleans. So, without further adieu...the second installment of 504 Whips...The Cereal Killers...err I guess Cereal Lovers? Eh, whatever lets examine how some are Rolling for Cereal...grab yourself a bowl and enjoy...add some sugar if you'd like but its counterproductive if you ask me...

Who all seen the Leprechaun say YEAH.

I think he knows where the gold at. Apparently its in the 9th Ward.

Frosty: The taste adults have grown to love.

Note the Wendy's in the background. If you're from New Orleans you recognize this location.

Raisin Bran: Two Scoops One Bowl?

Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

While I like Corn Flakes, some would say this one is rather "vanilla."

If only Fred could see how far we've come since the original Flintstones car. Ah, progress...


  1. You realize these guys are getting paid for this right?

  2. ummmmmm corn flakes u need rims butt liken the pait nd GO TRIXS