Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm In A Snuggie (The Remix)

I previously mocked the New York Times for writing a piece on the Snuggie. While some would argue that such an article is symptomatic of the degradation of society and not the cause of it, the NYT did little to help the matter as they attempted to discuss in all seriousness the evolution of the Snuggie and its precursors, the Slanket and the Freedom Blanket. The whole article came across as rather ridiculous and did not spend nearly enough time covering the impact of the economy on advertising. The piece would have been much more significant if it would have focused more on how the slowing economy has allowed for products such as the Snuggie and ShamWow to get prime advertising time that would normally be allocated to commercials for Charles Schwab or the new Lexus...

...Ah, the old days before the recession...when people viewed the markets with optimism and had the cash credit to pay a premium for a glorified Camry with a fancy (sorta) label thrown on the trunk...

Well, at least there was some merit (not much though) to that NYT article on the Snuggie. I, However, missed the fact that the NYT ran a second and even more trivial piece on the Snuggie in the Fashion & Style section that same day. Wait, WTF? Read that again in case you missed it the first time. The NYT sent a "journalist" out for a night on the town wearing a Snuggie to see how people would react and then wrote about it in the "fashion" section. This just hurt my head and made me think to myself "...isn't this what jackets are made for?"

You know what they I say about a girl who wears a Snuggie to a bar. Its easy access...from behind.

Actual excerpt from the NYT: The sleeves were useful for holding a wineglass and for attempting yoga poses. But she was frustrated when looking for a place to stash her cellphone. “It would be nice if it had pockets,” she said.
“It’s a blanket with sleeves,” I replied. “What you are talking about is called a jacket.”

There you have it...apparently the NYT and I agree on the fact that jackets are essentially "Snuggies for going out."

Definite signs of the apocalypse:

  • Apparently the NYT idea of wearing a Snuggie out wasn't too far off as there is an emerging trend of Snuggie Pub Crawls.

  • THERE IS NOW A SNUGGIE RAP SONG! Yup, a Denver man, Chris Gregori, used the beat from SNL's brilliant rap song parody "On A Boat" as the basis for his own modern masterpiece, "I'm In A Snuggie" here to download...soon enough they'll be selling 6X Snuggies with Ed Hardy logos at your local Discount Zone gas station...TERRABULL

And now for your moment of Zen...

Laura, this Snuggie thing isn't as fun as it looked on TV.

Oy vey!

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